• Sid Colwart, Associated Grocers, Baton Rouge, LA, 800-637-2021

  • Marc Robert, Robert Fresh Markets, New Orleans, LA , 504-283-8965

  • Dave Daroca, Rouses Enterprises, Thibodeaux, LA, 985-447-5998

  • David Burke, Burke & Associates, St. Louis, MO, 314-821-3231

  • John Dean, formerly Super Valu, Minneapolis, MN, 612-804-1126

  • Bruce Deering, Affiliated Foods, Amarillo, TX, 806-372-3851

  • Greg Bonifiglio, Associated Retail Consulting, Kenosha, WI, 262-652-6682

  • Charles Perkins, Perkins Marketing, Minneapolis, MN, 507-645-7537

  • Bobby Russo, Robie’s Food Center, Abbeville, LA, 337-893-4354

  • Richard Riesbeck, Riesbeck Food Markets, Inc., Saint Clairsville, OH, 740-695-7050

  • Paul D. Gilbert, Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., Rochester, NY, 585-464-4755

  • Frank Lueptow, Franks’s County Market, Elkhorn, WI, 920-674-2500

  • Steve Albrecht, The Fred W. Albrecht Grocery Company, Akron, OH, 330-733-2263

  • John Lofberg, Central Market, Detroit Lakes, MN, 218-844-3663

  • Steve Spiegelhoff, Spiegelhoff’s Super Food Market, Inc., Burlington, WI 53105, 262-763-3646

  • Steve Kremer, Beardstown IGA, ROE Foods Services, Beardstown, IL , 217-773-2213

  • Greg Freehauf, CFO, Martin's Super Markets, South Bend, IN, 574-234-5848

  • Chad Soprano, Soprano’s Supermarket, Livonia, LA, 225-637-4812

  • Mike Winger, URM Stores, Spokane, WA, 509-468-9475

  • Steve Krakomperger, Cascade Management Services, Wellington, OH  44090, 440-759-7210

  • Jeff Maurer, President/General Manager, Madison Fresh City Market, Madison, WI, 608-963-1171

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