Kroger, Fresh Encounter split Marsh locations, set up Downtown grocery war

Even if the Marsh name goes, though, the stores acquired by Fresh Encounter probably will see few changes, said David J. Livingston, a supermarket consultant in Waukesha, Wis.

“I wouldn’t expect Fresh Encounter to put capital improvements into stores,” Livingston said. “They’re probably looking to operate it as is and make money, where Kroger is a little more aggressive and probably will make capital improvements.”

Although Fresh Encounter has no Indianapolis presence, Livingston said the Marsh stores are consistent with the company’s portfolio of about 20 stores.

“They mostly look for bargain deals,” he said. “A lot of the stores they’ve bought have been failed supermarkets or stores that have been on the decline.”

Marsh’s bankruptcy, filed in May, marks the end of a years-long decline for the Fishers-based company. Marsh operated more than 100 supermarkets and more than 150 convenience stores when it was acquired in 2006 by Sun Capital Partners.

Marsh operated more than 70 supermarkets as recently as 2015 but has closed stores at an accelerating pace in recent months.

Livingston, noting Marsh’s struggles, said he doesn’t expect the company’s bankruptcy to have a noticeable affect on many Indianapolis-area grocery shoppers.

“It’s not like there’s going to be a big shake-up,” he said. “Most of the customers left Marsh a long time ago.”


  • Zionsville, 10679 N. Michigan
  • Zionsville, 5 Boone Village
  • Greenwood, 2904 S. Ind. 135
  • Indianapolis, 1435 W. 86th St.
  • Indianapolis, 227 W. Michigan St.
  • Fishers, 12520 E. 116th St.

Fresh Encounter

  • Indianapolis, 11625 Fox Road
  • Indianapolis, 320 N. New Jersey St.

Here are the eight Central Indiana stores currently for bid and the Kroger locations nearest them: