About DJL Research

David J. LivingstonI began my career in supermarket site analysis and competitive intelligence more than 30 years ago at Scrivner in Oklahoma City. My prior supermarket experience began in 1972 at age 13, working at an IGA supermarket in Indiana.

In 1982 I began working as a market analyst at Scrivner. It was there I learned skills in computer gravity modeling, demographic analysis, and competitive intelligence. I was trained by Dave Richards, who is a well-known expert in site analysis and gravity modeling. Many analysts trained by Mr. Richards at Scrivner have gone on to have successful careers in the field of supermarket/retail site research.

In 1986 I moved to Wisconsin to be the Market Research Manager at Roundy’s. I held this position for over 16 years and performed all the market studies for Roundy’s corporate stores and independent customers in the Midwest. During my tenure at Roundy’s, the company experienced significant growth. However, it was a slow period in 1993 when I suggested that Roundy’s begin performing consulting services to other companies we did not directly compete with. Our consulting clientele continued to grow over the next several years.

Roundy’s was sold in 2002 and I was now on my own. After becoming self-employed I was able to continue servicing several Roundy’s retailers in addition to adding several new clients. Some of these clients include investors, real estate investment trusts, shopping center developers, grocery wholesalers, independent retailers, and other consulting firms.

While some market analysts like to study the industry under a microscope or through a telescope,  I use a proctoscope.  I might not always be right.  But I’m never wrong.